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I don’t really give a fuck and my excuse is that I’m young

Make me Choose » Anon Asked
↳ Jo Harvelle or Ruby?


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Anonymous: hi ? why are you going to give it away ? sorry for even asking .

hello! bc I don’t really use it anymore, I’m still part of the fandom and everything but I can’t really keep it up to date bc I’m busy with other things and I don’t even do edits anymore so I just though better to just give it to someone who’ll use it :)

giving away this blog (almost 3k followers)

since I don’t use this blog as much I’ve thought about giving it away bc I worked v hard to get the amount of followers I have

there’s basically just one condition, keep it as a supernatural blog

I have almost 3k, so if you’re interested message me and we can talk about it

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i just realized dean told the angels he had the king of hell in his trunk and they thought he was joking

make me choose: @padagirl Charlie or Lisa

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